Summer Fun for All Ages: Activities for the Whole Family

The days are long, the weather’s warm, and the kids are out of school. It’s the perfect time for some fun family activities — seniors included!

Activities that bring the whole family together help us form stronger bonds and build better relationships, and no matter our ages, there’s always something we can learn from one another.

It can be hard to come up with activities that everyone can enjoy. But with this list of summer activities that cater to all ages and ability levels, you can ensure that everyone — from the kids to the seniors — can join in on the fun.

Why are inclusive family activities important?

Inclusive family activities bridge generational gaps and allow us to learn from and bond with family members of all ages. Younger members get to spend quality time with their senior relatives and learn from their wisdom and stories, while seniors gain new perspectives and a greater sense of belonging.

It’s a win-win for everyone, as we all benefit from getting outside our comfort zones and seeing the world from someone else’s point of view.

Activities for everyone — ages 0-99+

Our interests and ability levels change as we grow older, so you’re probably wondering what activities could possibly appeal to everyone. Not to worry — we have a full list of fun summer activities for the whole family, starting with:

Picnics in accessible parks

Everyone loves a classic picnic, and being outdoors has proven health benefits. So pack up some refreshing snacks and drinks and choose a local park with accessible facilities so everyone can comfortably navigate the area. Bring along some simple card or board games that are appropriate for most ages and physical abilities (Giant Jenga is always a hit!) and include a playlist of music that spans the generations.

Family movie nights

Organize a family movie night with a film that everyone can enjoy (think Disney Pixar or family-friendly classics). Consider setting up an outdoor movie area in your backyard with a projector for those balmy summer evenings. Provide comfy seating with plenty of cushions and blankets, especially for seniors who may need extra support, and don’t forget the candy and popcorn.

Host a BBQ

Everyone appreciates a good meal, so invite family members over for a day of grilling (or indoor cooking, if you don’t have access to a grill) and simple lawn games. Choose easy recipes that family members of all ages can help with, and if your senior family members have any famous dishes, make it a fun learning experience where they can share their recipes with the younger generations.

Create a family garden

Gardening is a relaxing activity that you can easily adapt to fit different mobility levels. Raised garden beds or container gardens are great for seniors who have trouble bending or kneeling. Assign tasks based on ability, like planting seeds, watering plants, or organizing tools to ensure everyone can contribute. And, as the garden matures, everyone can share in the flower cuttings or fresh fruits and vegetables.

Visits to museums or aquariums

If you live in a hot climate where summer’s not the best season for outdoor activities, you can bring the fun indoors with a visit to a museum or aquarium. If any family members have mobility issues, make sure you choose a facility that’s wheelchair or walker accessible and offers plenty of seating. Many also offer headphones for audio tours, which can help those with hearing impairments.

Craft sessions

Host a craft day where family members can create something special together, like scrapbooks of family memories or painted rocks for the garden. The sky’s the limit, but here’s a great list of craft ideas to get you started. Since most crafts involve sitting and socializing, it’s an especially great activity if you have family members with mobility issues.

Storytelling and s’mores

Arrange an evening to just be together and share stories or anecdotes from your lives. If you have a fire pit to gather around, even better — everyone loves s’mores! You can even create a s’more bar with all kinds of riffs on the classic. Encourage seniors to share tales from their youth, and let younger members talk about recent experiences or future dreams.

Supporting inclusive entertainment for all ages

Lazy summer days and warm nights are the perfect time for inclusive activities that bring the whole family together and strengthen the bonds between you. Just make sure everyone can take part in the fun, no matter their age or ability level.

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