Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

We know how terrifying, heartbreaking, and frustrating.

It can be when your loved one begins displaying signs of Alzheimer’s or dementia.

We can create a custom care plan for your loved one that takes into account their physical and cognitive abilities and the stage of their disease. Our caregivers will work to build a genuine, trusting relationship with your loved one, so they can effectively provide:

Mental stimulation through fun, meaningful activities

Support to continue hobbies that bring purpose and enjoyment

A stable, consistent routine

Help with regular hygiene

Nutritious meal planning and preparation

Exercise and physical activity

A clean and safe home environment

Assistance with social connections & stimulation
Arranging local transportation
With our care services, you don’t have to live in fear for your loved one’s safety and
well-being after an Alzheimer’s or dementia diagnosis.

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